pursuit of excellence

Corey Bartlett, president and CEO, Automotive Parts Headquarters, Inc. (APH), St. Cloud, Minn., was honored with the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association’s 2017 Pursuit of Excellence Award. Established in 1983, this award is presented exclusively to AWDA member companies or employees of those companies, in recognition of excellence in business performance and the setting of high standards as an example for others to follow.  

Mauro Cifelli, vice president of sales and marketing, Vast-Auto Distribution Ltd., presented the award on behalf of AWDA on Oct. 29 at the association’s 2017 Annual Conference in Las Vegas.  

Born and raised in St. Cloud, Corey Bartlett grew up in an aftermarket family, where his grandfather and father were both involved in the family business, Automotive Parts Headquarters, Inc.

After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn., Corey quickly became involved in all aspects of the family business: operations, corporate and independent stores, sales and marketing and generally helping APH to grow and expand. Corey served as executive vice president until 2008, when he was named president. In 2016, he became president and CEO.  

Since Corey joined the company full time, APH has tripled in size, undertaking a number of acquisitions. Corey values spending time with customers and suppliers—it is a critical piece to Corey’s relationship-building approach.

“Corey Bartlett is taking his company in new and exciting directions, which is exactly what's needed in an industry like ours,” said Jeff Blocher, director of sales and marketing, MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology Group Inc.

Corey’s industry involvement has included service on the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Board of Directors and the AWDA Board of Governors, including its chairmanship. Currently, Corey serves as chairman and lead fundraiser for the Auto Care Political Action Committee (ACPAC), where he continues to beat the drum to grow support for the PAC.

“We call him the ‘PAC Dog,’ because he is the leader and driving force behind ACPAC,” said Tim Trudnowski, Associated Jobbers Supply.

AWDA’s Pursuit of Excellence Award celebrates the setting of high standards as an example for others to follow. The success of those standards are directly reflected in the vibrant company now led by Corey Bartlett.

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