jack creamer automotive leader of the year

Bill Maggs, president and CEO, National PRONTO Association, co-CEO of the Automotive Parts Services Group and co-CEO of 1 Parts Global Aftermarket Services, was presented with AWDA’s Jack Creamer Leader of the Year Award by the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA) on Oct. 29 at its 2017 annual conference in Las Vegas. Each year, AWDA bestows this prestigious honor on an aftermarket professional who has contributed to the industry in a unique and significant way.

Presenting the award was last year’s Leader of the Year, Fred Bunting, founder and chairman of Auto-Wares Group of Companies.  

After an internship during his senior year in high school, Maggs enrolled in the Northwood University in Automotive Replacement Management Studies program. Upon graduation, he spent the next 21 years with the Menco Corp. rising from store manager to president. In 1981, William Menghini, owner of Menco, founded the National PRONTO Association and Bill Maggs became the group’s first full-time employee.  

At National PRONTO, Maggs’ career continued its upward trajectory with additional responsibilities such as Director of PRONTO Programs. From 1990 through 1996, he returned to Menco as president and as such served on the PRONTO Board of Directors.  

In 1996, he returned to National PRONTO, rising to his current title of president and CEO, and growing the organization into a powerhouse with nearly 100 member distributors. In 2014, Maggs, together with executives from Federated Auto Parts, created the Automotive Parts Services Group. Maggs serves as The Group’s co-CEO, as well as co-CEO of 1 Parts Global Aftermarket Services, The Group’s Brussels-based, European affiliate.  

Tim Trudnowski, president of Automotive Jobbers Supply, Spokane, Wash., said, “Bill’s unwavering dedication to his members and the industry is second to none. His efforts and involvement on behalf of the aftermarket says it all.”  

Maggs’ volunteering spirit is legendary. Over the years, he has served as chairman of AWDA, championing promotion of the industry as a Great Place to Work. He continues as a governor on the AWDA Council, is currently vice president of the Auto Care Association and a member of the Auto Care Association Events Committee. Maggs has also participated on the association’s Education and Tech Standards Committees, the NATEF Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation.  

“Bill Maggs is the consummate industry guy,” said Larry Northup, executive director, AWDA. “Bill eats, drinks and breathes the auto care industry, even when he’s fishing! He is 100 percent committed to his members, his industry and his association. Bill never says ‘no’ to a worthy cause. He is so deserving of this honor.”

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    C. Hamilton Sloan
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  • 1985 Sen. John C. Danforth
  • 1984 R. Jack Alexander Jr.
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  • 1982 Elliot Lehman, AAP
  • 1981 Wilton Looney
  • 1980 Mort Schwartz, AAP
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  • 1978 A.K. Hannum
  • 1977 Basil J. Mezines
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  • 1974 John M. Yantis
  • 1973 Frederick J. Mancheski, AAP
  • 1972 Frank M. Norfleet
  • 1971 Arthur Wolff
  • 1970 E.N. "Ernie" Robinson
  • 1969 Thomas S. Perry, AAP
  • 1968 H.C. "Skip" Stivers
  • 1967 Olin Ennis
  • 1966 Edward Gammie
  • 1965 C.M. Scates
  • 1964 C.S. Rogers
  • 1963 C.A. Benoit Jr.
  • 1962 Harold T. Halfpenny
  • 1961 Joe E. Bickel
  • 1960 Ira Saks
  • 1959 Victor L. Toft


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