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Our market intelligence team assesses and evaluates current industry trends, and produces exclusive resources of industry data and analysis that are designed to strategically position companies for the future. Rich and forward-looking, our publications cover every corner of the industry. And our Knowledge Center provides 24/7 accessibility to select market intelligence materials, exclusively for members. If you have any questions regarding our market intelligence reports, please contact

Current Publications

Segment Trends

2018 Digital Collision Repair Trends2018 Digital Collision Repair Trends: Industry Statistics & Analysis (item #75073)

This study synthesizes the latest available industry data from original Auto Care Association research, government sources and independent research suppliers. The report provides comprehensive insight into the U.S. collision repair sector of the auto care industry including the paint, body and equipment (PBE) industry. The last chapter of the report is devoted to the Canadian collision industry.


2018 Factbook regular Digital Auto Care Factbook 2018 (item #75071)

The award-winning Digital Auto Care Factbook provides a comprehensive overview of the entire auto care industry and includes many enhanced features such as downloadable charts, tables and graphs, live embedded hyperlinks and bookmarks. Auto Care Association member primary contacts are supplied gratis the Digital Auto Care Factbook via email annually. If you are the primary contact of a member copy and have not received your copy, please contact our market intelligence department at 301-654-6664.


2018 Factbook printedPrinted Auto Care Factbook 2018 (item #75071-1)

To supplement your Digital Factbook, the Auto Care Association is making additional print copies of the Factbook available. The printed version is full-color, spiral bound with easy-to-turn pages. Additional "bundle" savings are available. For "bundle" pricing, please contact our market intelligence department at 301.654.6664. And shipping is included!


2018 Factbook LangDigital Auto Care Factbook and Lang Annual (item #75072)

The only publication of its kind, this report includes the Auto CareFactbook plus the Lang AftermarketAnnual. This digital version includes data on light vehicle sales volume for 80 key aftermarket product categories, sales percentage growth, light vehicle product growth and much more. Upon purchasing the Auto Care Factbook & Lang Annual, you will receive email notification, sign-in information and an exclusive URL link to access the publication from Auto Care Association within the next business day. If you have any questions, please contact our market intelligence department at 301-654-6664.


International Reports

MEXICO REPORT 20172017 Mexico Market Report (item #75069)

The Mexican market has become more important due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which has helped stimulate growth in both the number of vehicles on the road and in the miles driven in Mexico. In light of current international headlines, the timing is ideal to release a unique Market Report specifically prepared for members to analyze facts and trends in the multi-billion dollar Mexico aftermarket.

This report provides valuable insights on a broad spectrum of relevant topics including:

  • Basic country facts
  • Manufacturing employment
  • Auto parts manufacturing
  • New vehicle sales
  • Distribution
  • Age of vehicles and VIO
  • Miles traveled
  • Used imports vs. new vehicles VIO comparisons


2017 China Report2017 China Market Report (item #75068)

This Syndicated report addresses the following primary objectives:

  • A snapshot of China’s economic environment as a background context to the automotive
  • A detailed assessment of China’s automotive parc in terms of size, vehicle composition, vehicle
    makes, age and future growth including detailed segmentations and new registration forecasts.
  • Summary view of the total parts and service aftermarket, covering size, segmentation, parts
    types, age, growth and trends.
  • An evaluation of the parts distribution and supply chain structure describing value chain, all
    key player groups, auto parts cities, pricing characteristics and future dynamics.
  • High level perspective on key opportunities and challenges facing players in China’s automotive
    aftermarket over the forecast period with recommended key strategic issues to consider.


Segment Trends

2016 Tool and Equipment Purchasing Trends Study 2016 Tool & Equipment Purchasing Trends Study (item #75064)

This study contains a detailed analysis of current and future purchasing decisions of professionals who utilize shop tools and equipment for automotive repair. To order a copy, visit our online publications store or contact our market intelligence department at 301-654-6664 .



E-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket study (75054)

The groundbreaking E-Tailing the Automotive Aftermarket digital study analyzes the online retail market for sales of aftermarket parts, and serves as the foundation for the Auto Care Association to provide a unified estimate of online sales within the aftermarket. The full report provides a comprehensive analysis of the e-tailing channel based upon a triangulated analysis of pre-existing studies, existing data, consumer and installer surveys, and in-depth interviews (IDIs) within the auto care industry. To order a copy, visit our online publications store or contact our market intelligence department at 301-654-6664.

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