interactive demand index

Auto Care Association's new Demand Index Tool provides an interactive way to to view select aftermarket industry product category transaction data that details the demand of products and category trend direction in the U.S. to inform strategic decision-making.

The index is based on combination of a unit-level point of sales data from various retail and commercial channels updated monthly. The obtained current and historical data is anonymized, aggregated and analytically transformed into this demand index. The demand index is expressed as a linear monthly/quarterly index change, as to well as a year-over-year percentage change, to counteract sales-cycle seasonality.

Using this interactive tool, data contributors can now have a sustainable and quantitative metric that provides category trend direction, while ensuring complete confidentiality of their own performance and their channel’s performance.

Incorporated into the same tool, Auto Care Association is providing a series of interactive industry indicators along with various economic data culled from the association's publications and outside sources, such as: miles driven, gas prices, consumer confidence index and more. The indicators are constantly updated with the freshest data available, creating a one-stop quantitative business analytics environment.

With just a few clicks, users can view custom data ranges of data, drill down on points just by hovering with their cursor, overlay categories or indicators and export data to compare with your own results.

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