aftermarketmatch is a collaborative effort of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and the Auto Care Association and is powered by Pricedex Software. The free service requires that a user complete a short registration form and designate who is responsible for changes, as well as other users who have read-only privileges. Just as “friending” on Facebook works, the detailed e-commerce capabilities of one company cannot be seen by another unless they have mutually agreed to share information.

When trading partners agree to share information through, one can view the respective capabilities and requirements of the other for EDI documents and versions, including the EDI Super Spec; industry data standards and versions of ACES and PIES; and Web Service standards such as IPO and iShop. In the case of PIES, the specific field requirements are enumerated. is free and open to any company in the auto care market to list its e-commerce capabilities and requirements.

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