A Qualifier Database (Qdb) is supplied to help standardize terminology within the industry and reduce the number of potentially confusing free-text expressions found in applications. Qualifiers not covered by a vehicle attribute will be contained in the Qdb. In general, only individual qualifiers are stored in the table. You can create compound expressions by joining multiple entries from this table. A placeholder (i.e. parameter) will replace variable data found in a qualifier. This mechanism greatly reduces the number of qualifiers stored in the table.

Reasons for having “Coded Qualifiers”

Faster selection of the correct part at the counter. If the terminology is standardized and the presentation of complex qualifiers is also standardized, there should be less training and experience required to under-stand and use the catalog.

More sophisticated data management opportunities. If all data is coded, it should be easier to match information from different sources. This might include OE data and VIO (vehicles in operation) data, for example. If you can match this information accurately, you should be able to make better product management decisions.

Centralized language translation. If all qualifiers are coded, it helps facilitate a centralized translation effort. Without a centralized Qdb, each sender would need to translate qualifier data independently.


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