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Can I download a sample of the database(s)?
Yes, see VCdb page for a downloadable sample ACES packet.
How do I request a new username and password?
Email or submit a request through “contact us.”
How do I submit a change request?

To submit a change request related to our technology products, please visit directly and navigate to the “contact us” button at the bottom of the page or click the link:

How long after payment will my account be active?

Your account will be active and you will have access to the purchased data for one or two calendar years from the payment date depending on the payment option selected.

My account is no longer active, what do I do?

Most likely your company subscription expired. Check for invoice notification and make a payment for the new year. If you believe your subscription has not expired, email or submit a request through “contact us.”

Where can I download the most recent version of all databases?
The most recent versions of the databases can be downloaded from Databases can be downloaded automatically via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. With a subscription, you will have full access to download the databases relevant to your subscription.
Do I need to subscribe to ACES to send ACES files?
Not necessarily. There are clear advantages to an ACES subscription with access to the VCdb, PCdb, Qdb and Brand table. However maintaining your own data in-house may require more internal resources than you are able to commit. If you have your application data in an electronic format, there are many service providers that will help map your data to the ACES format. Some of these service providers can send ACES files for you.
How do I subscribe to ACES?

Complete the subscription steps on the subscription page. Please allow several days for your order to process. When your order is processed, you will receive a username and password for where you will be able to download data at your convenience. 

How much does ACES cost?
A Subscription to ACES provides access to the VCdb, PCdb, Qdb and Brand Tables. The Subscription cost depends on annual sales, membership status, and desired VCdb content. Details are available on the subscription page.

What is included in a Medium or Heavy Duty ACES subscription?

The Medium/ Heavy Duty ACES subscription includes the VCdb for Medium and Heavy Duty Truck vehicle types (classes 4 – 8), the PCdb, Qdb and Brand Table. The PCdb, Qdb and Brand Table contain the same content as the Light Duty & Power Sports Subscription.

What is included in an ACES subscription?
An ACES subscription includes access to the VCdb, Qdb, PCdb, and Brand Table. See the subscription page for more details.
Who is currently using ACES?
Nearly all of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and retailers in the auto care industry are ACES subscribers. Many other companies contract data service providers and mappers for their electronic cataloging needs. New companies are continuously joining the ACES community.
Why do I need to subscribe to ACES?

Businesses in the automotive industry use ACES to exchange catalog and application specific product data in a standardized format. The use of a single ACES standard reduces duplicative efforts in communicating and distributing product related data throughout the supply chain. Adoption will increase efficiency, save you time and money and reduce errors in communicating with trading partners. 

Will ACES tell me what vehicles my parts fit?

No. You will need to research, create, or buy your own application data. Although ACES is an invaluable tool for the research of part application data, it is not intended for that purpose.

How do I gain access to the PAdb?
Access to the PAdb requires a separate subscription. Pricing is dependent on Association membership status.  See subscription page for details and instructions.
What do I need to know about the System Transition?

Feb. 23, 2017 -- Preparing for Data Transition

In preparation for the launch of the new system to replace, Auto Care will not publish VCdb, Qdb and PAdb files in March in the site.  Auto Care will continue publishing PCdb and Brand Table through March according to our regular schedule. At the end of March, Auto Care will stop publishing the PCdb in the and freeze the Brand Table. Auto Care will use this time to transition data between and the new system.  At the end of April, Auto Care will return to the regularly scheduled release cycle for all databases in the new system.

VCDB 24-Feb 30-Apr     
PCDB 31-Mar 30-Apr
BRAND 31-Mar  30-Apr 

Through the system transition and post deployment of the new system, you will have access to the last released databases in the site.

Please visit and for updates or email any questions to Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we continue to move forward with new system.

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